Every day we make new memories that shape our lives.

About Beverly Lynn

I grew up in the Annapolis area, and have called Maryland home my entire life. Today I live in Ellicott City, Maryland with the best husband in the world (sorry, he’s mine… I’m not sharing).

I have been shooting since I was a kid when my uncle gave me his old Canon AE-1 and a couple of lenses. I quickly became hooked! Since then I have taken a few photography courses here and there, but mostly have learned by doing while logging many hours with both film and digital, Nikons and Canons, and in dark rooms and on computers. So far it has been well over ten years that I’ve had a camera by my side and I have enjoyed every second!

I also happen to have a bachelors degree in Mathematics and a masters in Applied Physics, so I am a bit of a nerd. I laugh too much, have a slight addiction to french fries and am always up for coffee or an adventure.

But most of all, I love people. I have been blessed with an amazing family, and some great friends. And I love shooting people (with, my camera!). Photography is just intermingling light and moments; recording both in a tangible form.

So here are just some of the moments that I have recorded with light. I hope you enjoy them. I would love to hear from you so feel free to contact me!



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I am based in Ellicott City, Maryland

If you would like to have me photograph you, your upcoming event or are simply curious, fill out the form and let me know!